This is a small site remembering Exazoot, a French band that was dedicated to Alternative rock. It started out in November 2001 and its members combined three different nationalities. At that time, we were all studying in Lille and rehearsing in our univerity, the ESC Lille. Actually we planned to record some songs and release a CD, but we had to care about our exams first. Let's hope that one day we'll meet again and finalise this project ;-)

Jiff, Martin, Tim

This picture was taken on the occasion of our first and unique gig in the cafeteria of our university shortly before X-mas 2001.

Luckily, there remaint some documentary material in the archives: extracts of our unplugged gig in the parc (please remark the singing birds!) and our college-rock gig.

Parallely to the fate of the manic street preachers our bassist Francois dissapeared shortly after our first gig without a note. Unfortunately we will never find out, if it was just because he didn't like the music. Francois, if you can here us, please contact us!

We weren’t really well prepared, so we played only 3 covers and 1 song of our own. The setlist: Catatonia 'Road Rage'; Exazoot'Only Home'; The Verve 'Space & Time'; Readiohead 'The Bends'